What Is A Concierge? And What Do We Do?

So many reading this article may not know what a concierge is or what we do on a daily basis as part of our job description. So to break it down for you.

What Is a Concierge, What Do They Do?

A concierge is basically a caretaker or a personal assistant who helps people with tasks that need to be done asap. Common tasks concierges perform include:

  • Booking plus cancelling flying or hotel reservations for you
  • Dealing with customer service issues that arise for your company or personal business
  • Recommendations for night clubs or restaurants
  • Online research – for specific information
  • Setting up spa, massage, health appointments

For me personally, i consult with busy professionals that don’t have the time to take care of the things listed above. For example my client Joe is a successful business man that rely’s on me to get him flight tickets hotel reservations and online research for the best steak house in the city he is in.

Then there is Jill, who is a wealthily retired woman who had me set her up for spa’s and massages. I still have small business owners use me too for answering phones for their company, one of these is Wenatchee HVAC  

The future growth of being a concierge is growing so if you’ve thought about making it a career i hope this gave you an inside scoop of what your tasks may be. Just remember that every client you deal with will be different. Some will be easy and some will be extremely difficult to work with. I’ll admit i’ve had to fire a few clients who had a big head and had unreasonable expectations. You can use your own digression when it comes to dealing with this. On the other hand you’ll have clients that become friends for life. You just gotta take the good with the bad i guess.

Thanks for reading, leave any questions in the comment section!